The bat kit – Black and gold

The bat kit includes a black and gold felt cape and mask.

Great for Halloween or just to dress up as a bat at home or with friends, because there are never too many bat kids around!

Technical data

Colors: black and gold

Material: 100% polyester

Suitable for children aged 3 and over

Gold metallic fabric + felt

Kit consisting of a cape with elastic straps, elastic handles and an elastic mask

 40,00 TTC

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The bat disguise

Practical and easy to put on, the bat disguise is perfect for all children wishing to challenge their most formidable opponents!

A disguise with superpowers

Once on, your child will be able to fight off any evil being! A cape with black and gold wings that will give your child the impression of flying high in the air. A black mask conceals his face, allowing him to challenge his enemies incognito.

For young and old

From the age of 3, give your child the chance to slip into the skin of a bat. A super-powered bat with the illusion of flying and fighting enemies! Young and old alike can dress up and experience the wonderful sensations of this costume.

A transformation in two times three movements

Easy to put on, dressing up as a bat will only take a few seconds. The cape’s elastic straps and handles, plus the mask, let your child transform into a bat in a flash. All our disguises are designed to offer your child a change of universe in no time!

The bat disguise, ideal for all occasions

Whether it’s for carnival, a costume party, a fancy dress birthday party or just an afternoon out with friends, the bat costume is sure to be a hit! A moose costume that will win over young and old alike.

What to wear under the bat disguise?

Your child can dress as he likes under his bat cape. However, for a total bat look, a black ensemble is ideal. Dressed all in black, your child’s disguise is guaranteed to thrill!

Made in China.

Weight 0,2 kg