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93 Products

At Ratatam, we’re very proud of our many eco-friendly costumes and toys made in France. We have our products made by a network of craftsmen and SMEs who have been practicing their skills for decades.
Why choose French toys?

Buying made in France also means buying with peace of mind, because you’re buying toys of the highest quality, produced to exacting standards.
As a result, you can count on our French-made products lasting longer and wearing less over time.
All the more reason to enjoy laughter-filled activities and good times with 100% French gifts.

It also helps reduce our impact on the environment, since toys made in France often have a lower carbon footprint than toys imported from abroad. This is due to shorter transport distances and less energy-consuming toy manufacturing.
How do I choose masquerade costume costumes or toys made in France?
As with all toys, the first thing to consider is the child’s age. For the little ones, the 10cm glitter bubble ball is perfectly suited to their little hands.

For schoolchildren, you’ll love our
to decorate children’s bags and schoolbags
and personalize them.
For little fairies, our
multicolored embroidered cape
with its tulle volumes and colorful sequins.

And why not combine made in France with agility? Choose from the eco-friendly Diabolo in pvc and hemp or one of our
sets of pétanque balls
in bright, original colors. Because having fun also means learning to feel more at ease with your body.