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73 Products

For Carnival, a birthday party or just for the fun of dressing up, Ratatam costumes offer a quality choice.
Dressing up means becoming someone else and letting your imagination run wild. It’s only natural that children, boys and girls alike, love dressing up to express their creativity and emotions.

It also means bringing the stories we tell to life and making them a living spectacle. Turn a 3-in-1 Lion Skin (I promise no animals were mistreated during manufacture!) into the king of animals and move your living room to the savannah.
There’s no limit to disguises: a little princess can become a superhero in seconds and save her knight in distress! Perhaps with the help of a magician or a fairy wand. Disguises for boys and girls alike, because everyone wants to be a knight in shining armor at least once in their life, or wear a spinning metallic skirt!

You’ll also find all our original accessories to complete your costume: glittery magic wands, flower crowns, angel wings…