The Animal Skin – Bison

The buffalo disguise

A 3-in-1 that appeals to parents and kids alike.
For toddlers, as a room decoration or stroller blanket, and for older children as a decoration, blanket or disguise!
One size fits all, up to 6-8 years.

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The BISON animal skin is a 3-in-1 disguise that parents love and children adore.

Why parents love it:

  • Multifunctional: animal skin can be used as a rug, blanket or disguise, making it a practical investment for the nursery.
  • Suitable for different ages: the animal skin is suitable for toddlers as a room decoration or as a blanket in the stroller. For older children, it can be used as a decoration, blanket or disguise up to the age of 6-8, which means it will last for years.
  • Easy care: made from high-quality polyester, this animal-skin cape is easy to care for and clean, a plus for busy parents.
  • Originality: the buffalo disguise is original and stands out from traditional children’s disguises, making it an excellent gift idea.

Why kids love it:

  • Imagination: the animal skin can be used for play at home or outdoors as a buffalo costume, allowing children to use their imagination and role-play.
  • Comfort: made from soft polyester, animal skin is comfortable to wear and use as a blanket or rug, or simply as a disguise.
  • Fun: the bison disguise is fun and unique, which will appeal to children who like to dress up and play adventure games.
  • User-friendly: Ratatam also offers other animal costumes such as Tiger and Lion. That way, everyone has their own pet, and no more arguments!


Made in China.