The Watch – Red


We’ve created this cute fabric watchband! Embroidered with gold or red thread and adjustable to wrist size.

We can already hear our little one saying “10:10 a.m., but I’m already late for my aqua pony class!”

Available in two colors/patterns: Red Hearts or Gold Stars


Made in France from embroidered threads

Watch length approx. 17.5 cm

Velcro fastening

 16,00 TTC

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The (almost) Red Hearts Watch

It’s a bracelet and a watch in one. We’ve got two designs to choose from: red hearts and gold stars, sure to delight children of all ages. What if this was an opportunity to send a message? With your head in the stars or your heart on your sleeve.

A fun accessory for the grown-ups

Whether you’re a future businesswoman or businessman, or simply looking for a different bracelet, the (almost) watch is thetrendy accessory of the moment. Yes, it’s stuck at 10:10 a.m. and we’d have preferred it to indicate snack time. But at 10.10 am, it’s time for stories, games and shows for the kids.

An easy-to-wear wristwatch

With its 17.5 cm length and velcro fastenings, the watchband is adjustable to all children’s wrists. Handy for lending or exchanging! It is very soft to the touch and causes no discomfort on contact with the skin.

A French quality accessory

The 100% French manufacture of this dummy wristwatch is a guarantee of quality and durability. Using the embroidered thread technique, French know-how is at work, in line with the Ratatam brand’s commitment to offering products made in France by local artisans and small and medium-sized businesses.

Watch length approx. 17.5 cm

Velcro fastening

Polyester and fabric

Weight 0,008 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 cm