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Handball 14 cm – Red


The Handball, 14 cm in diameter, comes in a reusable cotton net.

Available in 4 colors

Made in France



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The latest model in the collection, this Hand ball is full of quality!

Choose the color of your choice: yellow, blue, red or green.

Each balloon in this range is handcrafted in France. Each piece is therefore unique and singular.

A children’s balloon for all ages

With a diameter of 14 centimetres, this ball is suitable for all children’s hands.

For the little ones, it feels like a big ball, easy to grab with 2 hands, fairly light (200 grams) and with bright, eye-catching colors. An excellent ally in learning motor skills!

For children aged 6-8, it is the regulation size handball for their age category, and features the official hexagonal and pentagonal panel structure. Perfect for learning this sport in the backyard or garden. Obviously, it’s the ideal ball for games as intense as a 10-man pass.

For taller players, the size allows a good grip and better control for smatcher. It promises to be a wild ride.

French manufacturing for quality

By having this ball manufactured in France, Ratatam offers children a quality toy with high durability standards.

The choice of phthalate-free PVC means greater resistance to wear and tear, whether indoors or outdoors, so you can play with the ball for years to come.

It is normal for the balloon to deflate a little after a few months. For easy re-inflation, take a look at our balloon (re)inflation guide.

One last +

The balloon is delivered inflated in a reusable cotton net, which is ideal for transporting comforters or toys, and can also be “borrowed” from your children to go to the market, or simply as a change from the ever-present totebag.

Weight 0,14 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 15 cm


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