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Le Ballon Coquillage – Pink

Our balloons are made of PVC and manufactured in France. The shell balloon is a translucent balloon in bright, cheerful colors. Delivered inflated, these transparent balloons arrive ready to entertain your children!

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The Seashell Balloon

Go for the transparent seashell balloon! The ideal beach ball! Available in 5 colors, this simple toy is still the source of many games for your children.

A seashell balloon in tangy colors

Shell balloons come in a range of colors. We’ve got balloons in bright, fun colors to get you in the mood. These balloons are perfect for brightening up your children’s afternoons. A multitude of activities are possible with these playful balloons.

A translucent balloon for all children

No matter what their age, balloons appeal to toddlers and even older children. Depending on age, different activities can be envisaged:

  • Roll the ball in front of your crawling baby to stimulate him.
  • Throw the balloons, challenging the children never to let them touch the ground.
  • Aim at targets set up in the garden
  • Hide the balloons and organize a treasure hunt

For your child’s birthday, to decorate a playroom and create a multicolored atmosphere, or for an afternoon of fun, these transparent balloons are perfect!

An ideal toy for indoors and out

The transparent shell balloon can be used anywhere. Inside the house for quiet games, outside for more active pursuits! These toys stand on their own to create real moments of fun. Young and old alike enjoy playing with balls, a simple toy that has spawned a whole host of games!

To create a different atmosphere around your ball games, dress up your children in one of our many costumes!

Good to know: After a few months of use, shell balloons may deflate. Find out how to reinflate them simply with our tutorial.

Technical specifications :

Material: PVC

Made in France

Diameter: 20cm

Colors: orange, pink, blue, green and yellow

Weight 0,140 kg
Dimensions N/A


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